Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Nine: Upcoming Meeting

Please come to our meeting!  Details are listed below.


Parents! Are you tired of your children not having a safe place to play?


Come to a meeting for concerned residents who want a positive change TODAY for TOMORROW!


1:00 PM


We will be discussing the idea of converting ASHLEY GROVE APARTMENT HOMES old tennis court into a playground for our youth.

All interested residents are welcome! Bring your ideas and your kids - we want to hear their ideas, too!

We will be giving the kids paper and drawing utensils to draw their DREAM PLAYGROUNDS.

Please e-mail ASHLEY at

for more information, or visit our blog:


You can sign our community petition at:

And you can check our progress here:

There is a lot to be done and we need your help to make it a reality! Every child deserves a safe outdoor place to play - let’s make it happen for our kids too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1: The Journey Begins

My name is Ashley, and I am a stay at home mother of two young children.  I live in Ashley Grove Apartment Homes and have been a resident since September of 2007.

Since moving in I have witnessed the children who live in this complex playing in the parking lot, throwing rocks at cars, climbing all over vehicles, writing on mailboxes, and playing on porches of residents they don't know.  I have always viewed this as unacceptable and thought about doing something, but until today I didn't take that first step. 

In our apartment complex there is a defunct tennis court.  It has not been used, I am guessing, for at least ten years.  It is an eyesore and offers nothing to our community.  Replacing it with a playground will revitalize the neighborhood, be an attractive amenity for prospective residents, and most importantly, give all these kids somewhere to play - SAFELY. 

Here is what we have to work with:
This is the only entry into the tennis court.  Please notice the litter and the lock on the gate.  Kids squeeze in between the fence all the time.  NOT SAFE!

A few pictures of the inside:

Please sign our petition to help get this ball rolling quickly.  You can also check us out at Kaboom, which is a website dedicated to helping communities build parks and playgrounds.